Sunday, October 23, 2005


<<<< American Girl Dolls --- the new face of Angry Lesbian Abortionists!

Geez what a twisted organization the American Family Association appears to be. They came to my attention because of their recent call to boycott American Girl dolls for that company's association with the 140-year old pro-girl organization Girls, Inc.

I try not to think too much about organizations such as AFA because their idiocy hurts my brain. Their characterization of Girls Inc as pro-lesbian, pro-abortion is just the kind of fascist extremism we've come to expect from the maleficent religious right. It's truly painful to think how many people who would've ended up decent, honest and righteous instead fall prey to AFA's depraved and soulless rhetoric, and end up wasting their lives in a mire of voyeuristic hate mongering and intolerance.

So as I said, I just try not to think too much about it.

But curiosity got the better of me today.

Search on "torture" at their site and OMG, they cannot TELL you enough about Yahoo. Seems, um, Yahoo allowed SM/BD groups to organize through their online community service. Seems someone at AFA found out about this ---- hmmm, I wonder how?

The real torture of real prisoners is far less of a concern for these christians. Not a single comment, article, headline, news release anywhere on their site --- save for one obscure case where an inmate in China was purportedly beaten for converting other prisoners to Christianity. At least they reported that. It seems the torture of muslims in american prisons, however, is A-OK with these kind folks, cause there was nary a word about it.

Their rabid anti-gay position can only be understood if you believe that homosexuals "choose" homosexuality --- or are somehow "forced" into it --- and the only people who could have come up with that theory are latent homosexuals who are "choosing" heterosexuality, unhappily at that.

In fact, their panicked response to anything having to do with sex belies their fundamental problem: they are just not getting any.

Each one of these fools needs to get with the partner of their choice, be it spouse, lover, or inanimate object, and treat themselves to a long and luxurious fuck. Maybe then things would seem right with the world again.

But imagine having to go home to old "Sue" here. Bet sleeping with her is a real treat.

And the whole pornography thing anyway. That's a whole 'nother thing. I wish women would just RELAX and CALM DOWN about it. For crying out loud, you know? The amount of total hysteria, of tears and ruined evenings generated by something so innocuous... sometimes I really think women have just lost their minds.

My advice on porn: It's like PMS. Men don't like PMS but they learn to live with it. When you get a woman, there's a good chance she's bringing along a little PMS. When you get a man, be prepared for a little porn to come along with him, like it or not. Best get used to it. It's really not so bad.

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Ivan G. Goldman said...

Look here, Jill. Haven't you ever watched the Discovery Channel when a lion takes down a zebra and starts eating the poor creature while it's still alive? What more evidence to you need of intelligent design? Well, this American Family group DOES watch the Discovery Channel, and so how could you possibly hope to know more about life and nature and dolls and shit than these people who sit on their tight asses and make assumptions about anything and everything without having the slightest idea what evidence consists of or that maybe they should look for it? (Gee, kind of a long sentence, that). Anyway, hang in there. I just read your blog. Not bad at all.