Tuesday, November 15, 2005


I really miss optimism.

I think it's partly a factor of age; over time, you see a lot of failures. They accumulate in your mind. Now, almost nothing seems likely to succeed.

I've been attending a software conference this week, and it just seems so 90's to me. Except that, in the 90's, it really was true. We were going to solve problems, do great things for business, advance our profession, be heroes.

But that bubble burst, along with a lot of other bursting things. Now here we are, 2005, it's getting harder to muster that kind of enthusiasm. Now I just want to get the budget passed, keep my projects from self-destructing, and try to ignore the ignorance and poor decision making I see around me.


Anonymous said...

I just read your complete profile. Rumor has it that you are "very well put together..."


Karen Baker said...

You rock! Finally able to set up my blog! Thank you so much. This was super easy, understandable and best of all it worked! Bless you!
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