Wednesday, July 27, 2005

on atheism

Often, the religious think that atheists "just haven't thought about it enough." This is rarely true of someone who proclaims their atheism. It isn't easy in this society to admit to being an atheist. When you meet someone who does, you can be fairly certain that he or she has given it a good deal of thought.

We are the most hated group in the world, and you might ask yourself, who is doing that hating? It isn't other atheists. At times the depth of hatred the religious display seems evidence of an inherent evilness; but then I remember it's just a human thing.

Some people think that it must be frightening to be an atheist. Contemplating permanent death is scary to most people at first, but having to make up and convince yourself of lie after lie to keep from thinking about death is exhausting!

There may be a few moments of panic early on in one's athiesm, as letting go of the elaborate system of lies you've been told is kind of scary. Acceptance brings peace. Things start to make sense and become clear when you realize how simple it all is.

It was largely your religion that taught you to fear facing your fear of death, and wholly your religion that taught you to fear atheism. When your mind is no longer bound to religion's crazy fantasies, you can think rationally, as humans naturally do, and this brings peace and satisfaction.

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