Monday, August 29, 2005


So, I'm trying really hard to keep a positive attitude. Tell myself, it's not all bad. Think about the good things I can do, try to make a difference, remember to take the higher ground, don't let it get to me.

Hah. Foiled again!

In Georgia, I've seen just about everything stuck to a car, from the moronic to the mean-spirited, and yes, shockingly, even confederate flags on pickup trucks.

But what I saw this morning choked me with bitter, blinding revile. On the license plate holder of a car: "Truth NOT Tolerance."

How many ways is that wrong?

It's wrong to the wrongth degree. Exponentially wrong. Shockingly, willfully, arrogantly, hopelessly wrong.

You shouldn't have to tell someone that, you know? I took a good look at the woman in the car. Black woman. And to top it off, a California license plate.

A little web searching brought this gem from Connie and Carl. I wonder if that actually was "Connie" in that car.

Apparently you can get your own "truth not tolerance" bumpersticker, replete with christian cross and a fist, at Harbor House Gifts PO Box 2601, Fullerton, CA 92837, in case you are interested.


1974punkmom said...

I live in Georiga, too, and am constantly amazed at the lack of intelligence and the @#!% that people put on their cars. Have a actually left civilization or what?!?!

Jerome said...

Ehh, its really depends how you take that bumper sticker though, ya know. Cuz I didnt even think of religion when I read it. Its too short to draw the real thought behind it. As for that website, it is pritty clear there...mmmm, perhaps I am just slow and look for the good in it...cuz truth is good..because not tolerating the truth isn't a bad thing in general ya know.....anywho

Jill said...

Jerome, I thought about that too for a minute; maybe it meant "don't tolerate lies", not so bad.

But the religious right is preaching intolerance now; tolerance has become a vice in their opinion, it seems. All the while pushing the notion that their wacky version of things is the only "truth" and that no one of any worth believes otherwise.

That's why I searched on it before posting, to see what I could turn up, and as I suspected it appears to be a so-called "christian" thing. It would surprise Christ to find that out, I'd bet.