Thursday, September 01, 2005


We've all been waiting for the great unraveling... It's been like a Hitchcock film.

You see the clues, the suspense builds. There were the missing WMD (maybe this is it), the yellowcake (maybe this is it), the election scandals (maybe this is it), the Plame affair (maybe this is it), the on-going gut-wrenching blood bath in Iraq (surely this is it) ...

But the New Orleans debacle --- this really could be it.

Those of us who have been watching know that the Bush house of cards is not sustainable. A foundation of lies washes away in troubled waters. Can't be helped.

I wonder how many remember this New Orleans campaign stop, with Bush extolling the virtues of "faith-based" initiatives. Hmmmmm. Army Corps of Engineers, or the First Presbyterian? Who do you think would've best shored up those levees? Idiot.

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