Sunday, September 11, 2005

obligatory 9/11 post

I feel obligated to do a 9/11 post, but I find I really don't have much I want to say.

In the last four years, our leadership has championed the erosion of our freedom, and squandered our collective surplus so that we are again plunged deeply into deficit, so deeply that we will probably never recover in my lifetime.

This same "leadership" has found ever new and meanspirited ways to divide us one against the other, until, in families, neighborhoods, and workplaces across the country, we find fellow Americans barely able to tolerate one another, if at all.

We see our leaders in league with an ever more extreme and shrill evangelical right who seem hell bent on destroying the very foundation of this great country, a foundation built solidly on the separation of church and state. Indeed, it is ever more clear and overt that their ultimate goal is to change this country into a theocracy, where religion is mandated by the state.

We find our government agencies have become so undermined, neglected and mismanaged that we are unable to respond in an effective manner to the chaos in New Orleans, or presumably anywhere else.

We've seen thousands of our own, and a hundred thousand Iraqis, die in a war, the point of which now appears to be simple bloodlust and greed.

We've seen the richer grow a great deal richer, while more and more Americans fall into poverty everyday. All the while, there is the specter of Bush, with a miserly grin, salivating over the jackpot--- social security. Make no mistake, social security reform is about opening up this huge pot of money, saved by and for the poor and middle class, to the talons of the richest of the rich.

I mean, it's just depressing. Could Osama have done any better, in his wildest dreams?

We have this lie going on, that somehow Bush showed "great leadership" after 9/11. He did not. He looked to any objective observer like a deer in the headlights just after the attack. And all he did after that was the absolute bare minimum of making a show of going down to the site, in an already emotionally charged atmosphere, and talking through a bullhorn. He never seemed to get his act together at all. He never came up with a plan. He never fixed any of the problems. Then he proceeded to pump that tragedy for every ounce of political gain he could, repeating it like a mantra to lull (or shame?) the masses into submission.

I admit I can't stand the guy. Rightwingers like to say "You just hate Bush, that's YOUR problem". Well heck, did they ever stop to think WHY? I wouldn't hate him if he wasn't a selfish, spoiled, meanspirited, shortsighted, anti-intellectual, arrogant, avaricious, prig and life-long loser who wouldn't cross the street to save the likes of me if I were drowning. Left to his own devices, without his daddy's money, that guy would be lucky to have a job frying hashbrowns at the nearby Waffle House.

So what am I going to say that you couldn't read on a thousand other blogs out there across the country today, or last week, or last year? Nothing.

Since I don't have anything nice to say, I should probably just shut up.


The Viscount LaCarte said...

I'm glad you waited until the end of this excellent post before you decided to shut up.

XTCfan said...

>Left to his own devices, without his daddy's money, that guy would be lucky to have a job frying hashbrowns at the nearby Waffle House.<

Oh, I don't know ... I could see him as a really annoying salesman, maybe even making a decent living by lying to his clients.

Love the redesign of the blog, btw.

jemison said...

We're told the problem is religious extremism. I see it coming from our end too. Is there any more extreme position to stake out than that of Pat Robertson?

But hey, men aren't marrying zebras and that flag burning amendment is right around the corner.

wellsenkind said...

Ah, its just another Cold War "Red Scare" all over again, its that simple. Government just wants us all to be afraid and give up our rights so they can hold it over us like they always do. I mean, how different is the anti-terrorist policy to the anti-communist policy? Will Bush start exporting terrorist sympathisers?

Jill said...

Hey, without Pat Robertson as our moral guiding "lite", we'd be, I don't know, hateful or something.

"The feminist agenda is not about equal rights for women. It is about a socialist, anti-family political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism, and become lesbians." -- Pat Robertson, fundraising letter, 1992

KILL their children?? Nice, Pat, nice.